Sabtu, 26 April 2014

What Issues in the End

Sometimes, it's just too difficult to identify and to distinguish between our buddies and opponents. Sometimes it's just too difficult to notice who likes you, who doesn't, who trusts, who doesn't, who likes who doesn't. We socialize, and we reduce them. Sometimes our most severe opponent becomes our best buddy, and our best buddy becomes our most severe opponent. We discover that your own best buddy is a returning stabber, and then, in come back, we cut their supports. And a factor comes, when all is gone, and nothing's remaining. And we say that this is the optimum of unluckiness. A factor comes, when no distinction is remaining between our opponents, and our buddies. But this is not the most severe factor, this is not the end. The end is when there's no distinction remaining in us and the others, and you're just one of them, no originality remaining, no distinction remaining. And we fault them, the others, when we ourselves don't recognize, that we are them.

So straight or in straight, it is our error, straight or ultimately, we do know that it's our error, but it's just too difficult to believe. So who is left? Others, those who cause you to experience mindless, left without words and ineffective. When actually, we are being such a deceive, deceiving our own selves, and considering that we are deceiving others. We begin concealing our feelings, our feelings and reduce the characteristics of our expression, and we think nobody knows, when actually those who don't know are we ourselves, concealing ourselves from ourselves. Sometimes, no issue how much we try to run away from our feelings, they'll just come returning haunting us, because sometimes, it affects so much, we can't management. And sometimes, the ones who harm us, they are the ones who provide us with the most wonderful feelings, so we have to stay with it, or we have to run. The option is ours, and mostly, we select the incorrect, because it just creates us experience great, but that excellent, affects afterwards, so we have to select smartly.